Ally Walsh

19 - 04 - 19

Ally Walsh, friend to Sans, co-founder of Canyon Coffee & our latest Coven woman.

Ritual for creativity & inspiration...

Travelling. Being immersed in other cultures & cities, & witnessing different ways of living always brings me new ideas.

Ritual to rejuvenate...

Going on a solo hike, or jumping in the ocean. 

Ritual with friends, family & loved ones...

Morning coffee. With the New York Times on Sundays.

Ritual for productivity & organisation...

Having moved around a few times over the last couple months has shown me the importance of creating a clean, blank slate before launching into work. For me, this means lighting incense, taking a shower or bath, and creating a clean work environment to focus.

Ritual to create a sense of calm and order...

Meditating and journaling, first thing in the morning.

Sans Journal


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